Translated from Spanish for your convenience. In case of legal discrepancy, the valid one will be the document written in Spanish.


1. Cost of the trip. In the case of packages or initiation flights, the cost of the trip is specified. In case of contracting a special flight, before the flight a theoretical cost of the same will be given, the real cost of the trip varies according to the engine running time of the plane. This time includes: engine warm-up, taxiing, waiting on the ground or in the air, and flight. For this reason, the final cost will be known once the flight has been completed and closed. This cost will be increased by landing fees, parking at airports other than the one of origin (if applicable) and approach fees (when applicable). The price includes fuel at the price of Spain, the fact of refueling in another country will increase the total price considering the difference between the price of fuel in Spain and the price in the considered country.

2. Forms of Payments. In the case of packages or initiation flights, payment will be made following the instructions on the website. The flight will be scheduled upon completion of payment. For other cases, a percentage of the flight will be requested in advance and the rest at the end of the service.

3. Return and withdrawal for unscheduled flights . Up to 14 days after paying for the flight, you can avail yourself of the right of withdrawal and you can claim the entire amount paid, except for possible bank charges derived from the method of payment.

4. Cancellation and withdrawal of special flights . In the case of flights already scheduled, cancellation less than a week before the flight will generate expenses of 20% of the estimated price of the flight, excluding expenses not related to the flight, such as fees, parking, handling and others .

5. Flight cancellations for already scheduled flights. Cancellations are allowed up to three days before the flight without charge, it will be scheduled on an alternative date up to a maximum of three (3) months. Cancellations on the same day of the flight will have an administrative penalty of 20% of the total, except in cases of force majeure (passenger illness, etc.) that will not incur any charge. Cancellations in the opinion of the pilot due to any mechanical, meteorological or personal circumstance will not give rise to any economic compensation to the client, agreeing, in these cases, to carry out the flight on another date or to pay the full amount of the deposit.

6. Passengers. Passengers will always follow the pilot's safety instructions. They must bring their personal documentation (ID card or passport). Passengers with signs of alcohol or other types of intoxication will not be admitted on board. Minors must carry a signed authorization from parents or guardians. Children under 16 must travel accompanied by an adult relative. No pets of any kind are allowed on the plane. The pilot can shorten a flight or return to the origin if he considers that there are causes that in his opinion may affect the safety of the flight or the passengers.

7. Trips of more than one day. When a trip is contracted that includes transportation to another airport and collection on a different day, it will be considered as four flights for cost purposes (base to destination + destination to base + base to destination + return to base). It will be detailed in the financial proposal.

8. Flight rules. These trips, except Aerotaxis or specific flights, follow the visual flight rules (VFR). This means that it is not possible to fly at night or in non-visual meteorological conditions (VMC). Instrument flights (IFR) can be hired with departure from other airports, being able, in these cases, to fly in instrumental meteorological conditions (night, fog, clouds, etc.).

9. Maximum number of passengers. The maximum number of passengers is determined by the characteristics of the aircraft and by the load and balance document that is carried out before the flight. It could be the case that the plane admits three (3) passengers but that the total weight exceeds the maximum weight of the plane. In this case alternative options would be proposed.

10. Intermediation. Intrade Air, a trademark of Intrade Consulting SL, acts as an intermediary between the aircraft operator and the client, managing the contracting of the flight with or without its crew to different operators, always with the greatest security and the best price for the client. The flight has all the necessary permits, qualified personnel and insurance. For privacy details consult our Legal Notice.

11. Claims. We have complaint forms available to customers. In case of dispute, the client accepts the Spanish Legislation and explicitly that of the Courts of Barcelona, waiving their own jurisdiction.