Valid conditions are written in Spanish and translated into English for the convenience of the reader without involving a contractual obligation.

1. Cost of the trip

In the case of packages, the cost of the trip is the amount specified. In case of hiring a custom flight, before the flight will be a theoretical cost of it, the real cost of the trip varies according to the time of the engine is working. For this reason the final cost will be known when finished and closed the flight. This cost will be increased by landing fees, passenger fees, parking, approach fees and Eurocontrol (when applicable). The price includes fuel at the price of Spain, if refueling in another country we will increase the total price considering the difference between the price of fuel in Spain and the price in the country where it has been refueled. The total time of flight contracted includes the time that the engine is working: flight, taxiing, holdings on the ground and holdings in flight.

2. Payment (only for flights contracted directly with us)

Before the flight a deposit of 20% of the total flight will be required. The rest will be paid at the end of the flight. In the price, all applicable taxes and fees (VAT, fees, etc.) will be detailed at the time of contracting, however taxes and fees will be applied on the day the total payment is made and the invoice is issued.

3. Flight cancellations and return policy (only for flights contracted directly with us)

Cancellations are accepted up to one week before the flight without charge. Cancellations on the same day of the flight or non-attendance will have an administrative penalty of 20% of the total, except in cases of justified force majeure (illness of passengers, emergencies, etc.) that will not incur any charge. The cancellations or reductions of the flight time at the pilot's discretion due to any mechanical, meteorological, social, air traffic or personal circumstance will not give rise to any economic compensation to the client, in these cases we will book the flight on another date or to compensate the time of flight not consumed. The return of a contracted flight is admitted up to 14 after the purchase has been made with the refund of the full amount except in cases of formalized travel flights or reservations of other flights already formalized with a fixed date and time.

4. Passengers

Passengers will follow the safety instructions of the pilot and airside personnel. Passengers who, in the opinion of the pilot, may pose a risk to the flight, will not be admitted on board, nor will people with signs of alcohol or other intoxication be admitted. Minors must have a signed authorization from parents or guardians. Children under sixteen must travel accompanied by an adult to whom they have family ties and who will assume responsibility for the child. No passengers under the age of twelve or pregnant women are allowed, nor is any type of pet allowed on the plane. Passengers with reduced mobility should check before boarding. The pilot can shorten a flight or return to the origin or another alternative airport if he considers that there are causes that in his opinion could affect the safety of the flight or of the passengers.

5. Access to the airport and on board

Passengers must bring their documentation (ID, passport or residence card) to access the airport. On board, smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages are not allowed. The applicable security regulations will be followed within the airport premises.

6. Trips of more than one day

When a trip is booked that includes transportation to another airport and collection on another day, it will be considered as four flights for the purpose of cost (base to destination + destination to base + base to destination + return to base). It will be detailed in the economic proposal.

7. Rules of flight

These trips, except Aero taxis or specific flights, follow the visual flight rules (VFR). This means that it is not possible to fly at night or in meteorological conditions other than visual (VMC). Instrumental flights (IFR) with departure from other airports can be contracted, being able, in these cases, to fly in instrumental meteorological conditions (night, fog, clouds, etc.). In all cases, the current air navigation regulations will be followed.

8. Maximum number of passengers

The maximum number of passengers is determined by the characteristics of the aircraft and by the Weight & Balance document that is filled before the flight. It could be the case that the aircraft admits three passengers but that the total weight exceeds the maximum weight of the aircraft. In this case only the boarding of the appropriate number of people will be allowed, not giving rise to any economic compensation. In the case of travel flights with luggage, only two passengers will be admitted in the case of four-seat aircraft and four passengers in six-seat aircraft.

9. Shared flights

In the case of shared flights where the flight seats are sold individually, a special conditions apply. The date and time of flight will be communicated in advance and the client can accept this date or wait for an alternative date. In case of rejection of more than two dates, the service performed will be considered done, not giving rise to any compensation. Likewise, justified cancellations are allowed up to forty-eight hours before the flight, outside this period the service performed is considered.

10. Safety

For our organization, safety is fundamental, for this reason we will always try to make the flight comfortable and safe for passengers. In the case of adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, fog, poor visibility, strong wind, etc.), the customer will be contacted as soon as possible to postpone the flight at no cost.

11. Intermediation

Intrade Air, trademark of Intrade Consulting, S.L. acts as intermediaries between the operator of the plane and the passenger (or with the portal that the passenger has hired) managing the hiring of the flight to different operators always with the highest security and the best price for the client. The flight has all the necessary permits, qualified personnel and insurance.

12. Claims

We have complaint forms available to customers. In case of litigation the client accepts the Spanish Legislation and explicitly that of the Courts of Barcelona renouncing his own jurisdiction.