Flight Over Vulcanoes

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Flight over vulcanoes


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Flight over vulcanoes

Like you fly? Would you like to photograph volcanoes from the air?

Take the opportunity to go through Sau swamp, Olot and its volcanoes fly back and enjoying an unforgettable landscape.


  • Departure from Sabadell, through the Sau swap, Olot and volcanoes, turn back along the same route.
  • Possibility of piloting
  • The maximum capacity is 3 passengers, provided they do not exceed 240 kg.
  • The price is total flight, not per passenger.
  • The duration is 90 minutes.
  • The flight will operate commercial flight instructors pilots.
  • To schedule date and time of the flight must be contacted in advance.
  • The flight will take place in a single-engine Piper Warrior III or similar departing from Sabadell airport (free parking).
  • The flight schedule may be altered for weather reasons.

It's the best chance you feel like an airplane pilot.

After making the payment you can call our customer service phone + 34 668 886 668 to confirm day and time of the activity. Flight bookings expire one year after purchase.


Data sheet

Fligh time (includes flight, taxing and holdings)
90 minutes
How far we can go with this flight?
Garrotxa (Olot)
Aircarft type
Four seats single engine